LiveGRACE House Lake Saiko

Traditional Japanese House overlooking Lake Saiko

This is a traditional Japanese House (Kominka) with nearly 100 years of history located in a quiet forest near Lake Saiko. This house uses a unique A-shaped sloping thatched roof, high quality natural cedar wood, and unique construction techniques, showing all the beautiful characteristics of early traditional Japanese architecture. In 2022, we carried out a partial restoration, hoping to preserve its beloved and historic architecture as possible and to add basic facilities and comfort.

The space
This traditional Japanese house (Kominka) has 2 floors and a courtyard. The first floor is about 126 square meters, the second floor is about 69 square meters, and the courtyard is about 150 square meters. Behind the building, we have a semi-open bath. In 2022, we partially renovated the house to improve its comfort and facilities while preserving its unique structure and its spacious space. We improved the kitchen & bathroom, added a new handmade wooden staircase & new furniture, allowing you to enjoy wonderful moments with family and friends in a more spacious and comfortable environment.





Living, dining and rest area

Semi-Open Bath