About LiveGRACE

Creating Travel & Lodging Experiences with Passion and Innovation

We design, develop, and manage boutique apartment hotels. Our hotels are primarily located in city centers or well-known scenic areas, offering a refined and elegant living experience at an affordable price. Unlike typical mid-to-high-end hotels, our design cleverly combines modern living comfort with local cultural characteristics, creating an awe-inspiring home experience. This allows guests to enjoy warm gatherings, cooking, and relaxation. In terms of service, we strive to uncover local charms, guiding travelers into the local lifestyle and injecting vitality into the development of local tourism.

We value the idea of living comfortably in a space.

We appreciate the humble attitude of living in harmony with nature, reflecting on finding inner satisfaction and abundance.

Our hotels provide comfort, tranquility, and a lazy relaxation that soothes your body and mind, allowing you to enjoy life during your stay. Whether alone or with family, immerse yourself in the beauty between mountains and lakes, and wander through nature, experiencing the grace that local culture brings. Our hotels help you integrate into the local lifestyle, feel the respect and gratitude towards nature inherent in Japanese culture, and rediscover inner life experiences. Through travel, you will find renewed appreciation for life’s various blessings and regain new strength.